Calin Gheorghiu

Architect, Cyber Resilience Risk Strategy / CISRO, Standard Chartered Bank
Calin Gheorghiu joined Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) as cyber resilience architect, with the aspiration of laying the foundations & shaping the vision of an industry leading threat informed risk management strategy, in order to prepare against the threats of tomorrow. Calin has 7+ years' experience in IT and cyber security and joined SCB from Broadcom, covering a series of tactical & management roles, ranging from solution architecture, incident response & threat intelligence. He also holds the Director of Cyber Resilience Practice & Adoption position for in the Cyber Resilience SIG.


21-23 listopada 2023 r.

Organizator konferencji

Evention sp. z o.o
Rondo ONZ 1
Warszawa, Polska


Weronika Warpas

m: +48 570 611 811

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